em4 local

Very compact and easy to program nano-PLC

Save time in designing your application and remote functions using the most intuitive graphical function block language of the market

Measure accurately your high end industrial sensors with the embedded configurable analog inputs (including 4-20 mA)

Integrate easily one of our three high tech designs in your machine

Adapt your application along the way of its lifecycle thanks to the enhanced controlling performances

Product Details

> 26 I/Os nano-PLC in a compact modular shape
> 24 VDC (-15% +20%) power supply
> Highly visible HMI with 4 lines of 18 characters white on a black backlight, 6 x programmable keys
> 4 configurable digital inputs for encoder (20 kHz), or high speed count (60 kHz)
> 12 digital/analog inputs including 4 configurable (0-10 V, 0-20, 4-20 mA) with high accuracy for sensors
> 2 static PWM outputs allowing controlling analog actuators (controlled valve, controlled pump…) or for external PWM/0-10 V or 4-20 mA converter
> 8 relay outputs (2 x 6 A, 6 x 8 A)
> A large memory for application and remote functions program (~1000 FB)
> Programmable locally with an USB interface
> Optional Interface for Modbus RS485 slave

Type Description Part number
B26  Glossy black the em4 local nano-PLC 88981103
B26  Starter kit glossy black Starter kit including :

  • The em4 local nano-PLC
  • em4 soft (USB stick) (code 88980140)
  • USB interface black (code 88980110)
  • USB programming cable PC -> em4 (code 88980170)
B26  Evaluation case glossy black Ready to use evaluation case including:

  • The starter kit (description above)
  • Power supply 110-230 VAC with Europe and US adaptor
  • Simulator PCB for the 16 Inputs with switches, potentiometers and terminals to connect your sensor for evaluation, and simulator PCB for the 10 Outputs with 10 LEDs and terminals to connect the 2 static outputs to a device for evaluation (code 88980150)

I/O & specific expansions

  • Digital expansions
  • Analog expansions


Interfaces & wireless antennas

  • Modbus RS485 slave interface
  • USB interface
  • Wireless antennas

HMI & visulalization

  • MTP 6/50
  • MTP 8/50
  • MTP 8/70


Sensors & Signal converters

  • Signal converters
  • NTC probes
  • Temperature sensors
  • Temperature probes
  • Temperature converters
  • LDR probe


Power-Supply & other accessories

  • Power supplies
  • DC/DC Converter
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