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Overview applications

Of the various automation applications, Crouzet has identified many applications for which Millenium 3 and em4 are particularly suitable:


  • Water treatment

    Water Treatment

    • With the capability to manage pump circulation, monitor liquid levels, and measure the temperature and conductivity of water, our products can help you take your application to the next level in water treatment.
  • Waste treatment

    Waste treatment

    • Waste management is a challenge for organizations and companies due to the increasing generation of waste.
    • Our products are specifically suited for integration in a wide range of applications in waste treatment (compactors, automated composter, pressure/steam washers…) involved at every stage of the management.
  • Access Control

    Access Control

    • The ongoing pursuit of public safety and improved quality of life is founded on reliable, high precision products that can detect, process, actuate and communicate all the information required for seamless machine operation.
    • With our product range, you can control opening and closing of doors. You can also allow or restrict access with automatic detection, on a timer, or on certain days/time. Only allow the access you want!
  • Building Equipment

    Building Equipment

    • To maximize comfort and the operating costs of buildings as well as improve general quality of life, Crouzet products offers automated solutions for turning lights on and off based on timing functions or measurement of light levels…
  • Small industrial machines

    Small industrial machines

    • Industrial automation systems are built on reliable components that not only provide the full range of automation functions (from sensing, processing and actuating to communication) but can also integrate seamlessly into even the most complex machines.
    • Crouzet offers solutions to match your design office or technical department specifications for packaging machines, automatic equipment (vending machines), food manufacturing machines, textile machines and small industrial machines.
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