Business partners

To help simply build comprehensive control solutions, including sensors, actuators, communication modules, SCADA and reporting functions, we have tested, validated, and documented top-of-the-range products, software and services.

With our partners, you can completely customize your PLC to meet your specific needs.

All of these handpicked partners are among the best in their respective domains and are fully dedicated to providing you with their expertise for your application.


  • Vertical M2M

    Vertical M2M

    • Core partner of our em4 remote solution, Vertical M2M gives their vision of a “machine to machine” world by creating a simple and powerful web access in order to easily remotely control your em4.
    • Vertical M2M competencies allow you to create your own dedicated interface on the web (dedicated access, dashboards, web services, etc.).
  • Micromedia International

    Micromedia International

    • Crouzet Automation and Micromedia International join their expertise to offer an optimized solution for on-call management. Combined with the em4 soft, the Alert software by Micromedia, gives you ease of use and peace of mind while building your control solution for on-call management.
    • Discover all the added possibilities of your em4 alert thanks to the Micromedia software in our dedicated flyer!
    • To know more : Solution presentation | Brochure